Barefoot Hoof Care & Equine Nutrition, LLC

"Hoof care with emphasis on treating the whole horse"

Expectations Of Clients / Terms of Service

Examples of farrier related "emergencies":  pulled shoe, horse limping (no blood)

NOT farrier related emergencies: If your horse is colicing, choking, bleeding... call a vet NOT the farrier. People think calling the farrier saves them money but it is the wrong person to call in an emergency. No matter how much experience your farrier has, we are not licensed medical providers. It is illegal.

Do not ask us to administer sedatives to your animal or give injections. Again, we are not vets and are not legally permitted to do these tasks.

Checklist for Lamanitic/Foundered horses

Without doing all the above, noone is going to be able to get your horse back to soundness. I will not work on a lamanitic/foundered horse without you (the owner) committing to doing your part. 

Glue on Shoe Requirements

Glue on success depends on a few factors. Dryness of the hoof, prep work and working conditions when applied.

For me to do the best job possible I do need owners to follow these guidelines:

Pricing and Services

2024 Pricing

Cash, Checks and Paypal are accepted. If you use PayPal, please add 3.5% if using “Goods and Services” to cover the processing fee.

Maintenance Trims (4-6 week cycle)

Horses/Ponies  $60

Draft Cross $70-$100

Drafts $120

Minis $50

** Overgrown/ Neglected Hooves are billed on a case by case basis (difficulty and time involved are factors). 

** Animals that do not stand well (jerk legs, dance around, pull, lean will warrant a higher rate. 

** Any animal that attempts to kick or bite will be billed accordingly and work may or may not be completed. The animal will get one chance, after that I will not work on them again without a trainer working with them first if it is a behavior/training issue. If it is a medical/pain issue, then a vet will need to see them first.

Other Services: (These are fluctuating prices. Ask about pricing before your appointment as material costs go up and down. These prices are for 14-17hh horses. I do not shoe drafts)

Hoof Casts:  $35 per cast

Nail On Composite Shoes (Trim all 4 and shoes on front):  $130 (resets with trim $90)       Trim and Shoe all 4:  $200 (resets with trim $120)

Glue on Shoes: (Trim all 4 and shoes on front): $250     Trim and shoe all 4: $400

Formahoof:   Not currently offering Formahoof anymore due to issues with getting supplies and high costs. 

Travel rate for those further than 15 miles from my location: $1.50 per mile one way. Does require a certain number of horses to warrant the travel or the day rate paid. 

Thermal Imaging: $60 (up to 1/2 hour)

Emergency / After Hours: $60 plus materials, labor and mileage (if applicable)

Nutrition Assistance/Track system: general questions/discussions are free for current clients

Boot Fittings: free with paid trim

K.I.S.Trace® Powder - I carry the low selenium powder. One 20lb bag lasts one 1,000lb horse 80 days  (Introductory price of $95 per 20lb bag. Will go to $99)

Pasture Paste:  $15 per jar. Clay based field paste used to treat and prevent fungal issues. 

About Me

Thank you for considering me for your hoof care needs. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know. I am happy to answer questions. YOU are your horse's advocate. NEVER feel embarrassed or like you are overstepping when it comes to asking me questions.

As a farrier I treat horses and donkeys with kindness and respect. I work at a pace they are comfortable with and handle them as gently as possible. New clients can take a bit longer the first few visits. Please be patient and let your horse and I get acquainted. They stand a lot better for someone they trust.

I am also certified in equine nutrition and Formahoof. I take continuing education classes as often as I can. 

I am a member of the International Association of Professional Farriers. See this link for more details:

I own and successfully operate a “Paddock Paradise” also known as “Track System”, where I have rehabilitated quite a few foundered horses back to soundness. I am more than happy to answer questions about it.

I know the business name might allude that I only do barefoot trims, but I offer more than just barefoot trims. I also do corrective/fungal work, founder rehabs, boot fittings, nutritional advice, composite shoeing (nailed on), glue on shoes, casting, thermal imaging and Formahoof. I also have the Epona Metron Hoof (Metron-Hoof is an image-based system using photographs and radiographs to keep track of the horse’s hoof). For more information about Epona Metron please visit this link, .

 The only thing I do NOT do is metal shoes.

Thank you again for considering me for your hoof care needs! 

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One of my founder rehabs. Notice the huge change in weight and condition in just 4 months on my track system and carefully monitored diet.

Note the change in this mini in 4 months on my track system. 

4 months of progress

Farrier Services Available: 9am–3pm, Monday through Friday

Phone: 256-604-3999



Service area limited to within 40 miles of Ardmore, TN.  - areas further than 20 miles will warrant more horses required to make the trip or pay the day rate. 

Farm call fee for any location further than 15 miles of Ardmore, TN.